The Path To Peace

A 6 Week Home Study Course Designed To Help You Make Profound Shifts In Your Life and Relationships

This course is for parents of children aged 0 – 6 interested in more.

More love in your life, more connection in your relationships, more calm with your child and more laughter in your home.

Are you struggling to set limits with your child or doubting the decisions you are making are beneficial?

Do you feel guilty that you don’t get to spend enough time with your children?

Or maybe the time you do get is filled with frustration, exhaustion and constantly trying to correct your child’s behaviors?

Are you worried that your parenting is not meeting your child’s social, emotional, mental or spiritual needs.

If you’re tired of yelling, bribing, and threatening to get your children to cooperate then I’d encourage you to read more.

Here’s The Thing

Most parenting books and classes out there focus on the child. They offer advice on how to control specific behaviors through various discipline strategies that promise compliance and obedience.

This is different.

This 6 week journey will set you on a completely different path.

A path of peace, love, understanding, compassion, and acceptance.

A path back to your own intuition.

Early childhood is one of the shortest periods of life. One day we are holding the tiniest body in our arms in awe.

We are overcome with a love that we never knew possible.

Our life is forever changed.

The next thing we know they are running, singing songs, giggling, expressing their feelings and needs….

With all of the joys of being a parent, this can also be a time when we are simply trying to “survive”, get through the day or the phase.

We desperately look for strategies to get our young child to listen, follow us on our to-do list, put their socks on, stop crying, etc.

These First 6 Years Are Crucial

We have the power to shape and influence our child’s environment, not only through where we live, the activities we do, or the routine we hold, but through the qualities of our own selves.

They absorb, like a sponge, everything we are.

Our inner qualities, attitudes, capacities, responses and intentions all create the blueprint that our children will use to function for the rest of their lives.

During the preschool years, the child experiences a “crisis”. They begin to understand that they are an individual, not just an extension of mom or dad. They feel separated, out of harmony with their environment.

They are learning at such a rapid pace that it is overwhelming at times. Stress builds up and the only way for it to come out is a full blown tantrum. “No!” is the most popular word as they desperately try to feel the boundaries around them. “Where do I end and you begin?” they seem to ask.

By imitating the world, the moods, the responses, the coping strategies around them, emotional patterns are developed.

So now, as an adult, the emotional patterns that were ingrained in us work unconsciously throughout our daily lives. They dictate how we react or respond, how we handle crisis or loss, how we think and plan, how we love and communicate.

Our children stand before us with endless “What” and “Why” questions, they push back on our requests, refuse our meals, and challenge us to go back inside and come up with something better than, “Because I said so!”

But the truth is, during these formative years, our children take in very little of our verbal communication with them.

So many parents worry about crafting the perfect answer, offering the right activity, disciplining the most effectively, etc, when what matters the most is our internal world.

They mimic the way we care, our devotion, our sense of purpose, our problem solving strategies, our rigidity, the way we love…

We must pause and ask ourselves

  • What is my body language and energy communicating to my child?
  • What stories have I collected about myself from the past that I am now passing as truth to my child?
  • What wounds are still living in me, unhealed, that I now blame my child for “triggering”?

Who we truly are and how we continue to grow has the most influence of all.

This takes a conscious effort.

We must move into a place of awareness, of observation, get clear on our long term goals, and develop healthy boundaries that protect our well being.

So many parents want to help their children develop into confident, healthy, creative, curious, and socially responsible individuals who make a positive contribution to the world.

In order to do this, we must love and respect each child as a unique individual. Let go of the expectations that we hold of who they should be and fully see them for who they are.

This requires that we love, honor and respect ourselves first.

This Is An Opportunity To Make Profound and Lasting Shifts In Your Life and Relationships!

This is not a “magic solution” that will finally get your kids to listen to you.

Only you know exactly what your child needs and that knowing comes from developing a connected relationship with your child not by trying to control their behaviors.

The best part is, we offer a proven framework that allows you to clear out old ways of being and replace your habitual patterns with new actions, new ways of being and new experiences!

This course is developed to help you align with your highest self and specific family values.

My goal is to help you go deep and understand what is holding you back from experiencing the life you really want with your family, loved ones, and children.

We are in the midst of a huge shift in the paradigm of parenting.

For generations we have been standing on a foundation of fear driven by the belief of right and wrong.

If you are a parent now, we hold the power to begin a real change in the world and inside is the best place to start.

In service,


Your Instructor

Christina Rochelle
Christina Rochelle

Family 1st! 👨‍👩‍👧 Parent Educator, Child Advocate, Lover of Life, Facilitator of Conscious Connection and Healing💕✨🙏🏼

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